Confirmed Lil Xan Pulled A Gun On An “Old Head” After He Was Confronted Over His Tupac Comments

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We have confirmed that Xan actually pulled a gun on the “old head” in reference in his earlier post. The rapper was confronted about his comment on Tupac as we reported to you earlier on (see original article below), and he felt disrespected.

Lil Xan had put out there that Tupac was boring and he was a better rapper. Well the “old head” wanted an explanation but instead got Xan all worked up and pulling the gun out to defend himself as he put it.

Watch the clip below and let us know if you on Xan’s side or the “old head’s” side!

Original Article;

Rapper Lil Xan in the quest to defend himself came out first before what he says is coming evidence that may get twisted and facts lost if he doesn’t address the situation from where he is standing!

The rapper claims he had to defend himself a gas station after an old head came at him over his Tupac comparison! You will recall we reported on a story where Lil Xan once referred to himself as better than Pac!

Well that situation may have not died as Xan claims somebody pulled up on him at the gas station over it and he had to defend himself!

What happened is not yet out and the rapper says once it’s out the media will try and twist things around and so he had to clarify that he was only defending himself after he got attacked!

Lil Xan was quick to tell off old heads who are still trying to settle a score with him over Tupac and told em to leave him the kid alone!

Check out the presser below and let us know what you think went down below! Plus if you got more information get us and send us some!

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