October 21, 2021

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Lisa Wilkinson Offers Cheeky Description Of Tom Jones’ Cover Of Prince

During a daring interview on The Project on Thursday, Lisa Wilkinson made Prince’s longtime producer Morris Hayes blush.

When the 61-year-old TV host was talking about Prince covers, she revealed one that jumped out to her.

‘Just by the way, my favourite Prince cover was Tom Jones’ version of Kiss,’ she continued, stopping and carefully choosing her words.

‘That was…’ she continued with a giggle. I was going to say ball-tearer, but I’m not going to. That was fantastic!’

A ball-tearer, according to Urban Dictionary, is something wonderful.

Morris, 58, laughed quietly at her forthright remark and agreed that Tom’s cover was “excellent.”

He then told how he ran across Tom, 81, at the MTV Music Awards one year and how he was a tremendous fan of the late Purple Rain hitmaker.

‘We talked about him performing Kiss,’ he added, ‘and he told me how wonderful that was and how much he adored Prince.’

Morris went on to say that ‘all of the greats liked Prince,’ who died in April 2016, and went on to name a few more of his famous admirers.

‘I went to one of Clive Davis’ Grammy celebrations with Prince, and Sir Paul McCartney, Whitney Houston, Rihanna, Chris Brown, and everyone else came to pay honor to Prince,’ he said.

‘And he’s sitting there with his lollipop and cane, and everyone’s coming over to give him a lot of love, and he was a star’s star,’ says the narrator.

“Oh man, this is great!” I exclaim as I gaze around the room. “Prince, I understand you are doing one of my songs, Long and Winding Road,” Paul says as he places his hand on my shoulder.

“That’s a Beatle, that’s his hand right there!” I exclaim as I examine his hand.

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