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LIVE UPDATES: Moneybagg Yo Confirms He Wasn’t At The Scene Of Shooting At His Birthday

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We are keeping you updated with the developments of the shooting that happened at Moneybagg Yo birthday party moments after the event was over and invitees were clearing the venue!

The rapper has come out to confirm that he wasn’t at the scene of the shooting and that he was in his new Maybach 2020 series the gift that Ari gifted him with his shoes off kicking it!

He however does not seem to account for Ari Fletcher his girlfriend who can be seen in the video of the shooting happening as she tried to leave the venue with her friends!

Unconfirmed reports indicate that her friend was hit and twice at that by flying bullets that we are not sure at this time who they were actually targeting!

As confirmed by the video, gunshots can be heard and what follows is people scampering for safety with Ari and some of her entourage hiding in an open truck at the scene of the shooting before they realize their friend had been hit!

While they are trying to get to her more gunshots can be heard ring out leading to people even ducking harder while trying to make sure they don’t get hit!

At this point Yo Gotti who was also present at the party before the shooting happened is believed to have left as well and was not caught up in the shooting or part of it.

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