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Lovely Mimi Got Caught Using The N-word Then Gave The Wackiest Apology Ever


Lovely Mimi got caught using the N-word and then proceeded to give the wackiest apology I have ever heard!

Because here is the thing, if you use N-word in private and as she tried to justify the whole thing arguing that she uses it around her friends, you are gabbage!

According to the ex-LHHATL star she only removed the N-word from her vocabulary in 2015! Basically that means she hasn’t by the way and that’s why she used it yesterday!

She was so comfortable and even after getting herself she tried to apologize only because she knows the consequencies that come with it!

She then concluded that she stopped herself before she finished saying the whole word full respectfully!

Who cares you didn’t say the word in full Mimi?!

The only care here now is you are racist and a vulture of the culture! You benefit from being around us, dressing like us and then turn around and spit on us!

And then she went on to justify how there so many people using the N-word that are not supposed to use it!

Like what type of argument is that? Just because other people are doing something that is wrong it makes it right for you?

I couldn’t even finish watching the entire thing because listening to Mimi is annoying to say the least!

Check out the videos below and let us know what you think on the comments down below!


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