January 24, 2022

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Machine Gun Kelly Had To Dodge Tree Branches, Bottles And More After Insulting Slipknot On Stage

During a recent festival performance, Kelly had to avoid bottles, tree branches, and other hazards.

Slipknot and the band’s lead singer, Corey Taylor, were insulted by Kelly during a recent performance, enraging rock fans.

Dissing them and explaining his frustration with Corey Taylor later, the rock-rapper came after legendary metal band Metallica at a festival where they were both booked, saying that the verse he recorded for his album Tickets To My Downfall wasn’t up to par.

Taylor retaliated by claiming responsibility for Kelly’s album feature, and since then, relations between the two have been strained to say the least.

MGK entertained his fans at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento this past weekend by scaling a stage tent and performing for them, but the show was not well received by all.

To stay on top of the stage, MGK had to dodge objects like thick tree branches, beer bottles, and more that were thrown by the onlookers. However, the singer appeared unconcerned.

“Hey, Aftershock, how ya doin’? Different people have different opinions, so “During his performance, Kelly made a remark about the boos he heard from the back of the crowd.”

“The depth of my affections for you is unfathomable. The other day, I woke up wondering, “Do we get on a plane and go to this?” As I sat there, I recalled the last time we attended a festival and a 10-year-old girl had her poster torn up because she liked me. This show is for her, as well as everyone else who came to see us that night.”

However, MGK has been making headlines for other reasons recently. Earlier this week, he appeared with Megan Fox on the cover of British GQ to discuss their “intense” relationship.

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