Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021
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Malu Trevejo shocked the internet after announcing she was taking to Onlyfans to make some money after turning 18.

Many wondered why an influencer with over 8 million who had attracted substantial success was doing chasing a few dollars from subscribers on Onlyfans promising to bare it all for her followers as she noted she was finally free!

But the Las has come forth with some hotter than hot tea blaming her own mother for her woes! She claims that her mother was in charge of her money over her teenage years and says she stole everything from her!

Malu says if it weren’t for the law protecting half of her money and putting it in a Cougar account she would be in the streets right now! She continued to explain that according to the law 50% of the money went to that account while her mom got busy wasting the rest!

She says even what hurts the most is she spend it on random men and squandered it on useless spending!

The angry star went on to admonish her mother angrily over her behaviour which has probably pushed her to Onlyfans  to fund her expensive lifestyle!

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