December 7, 2021

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Man Aggressively Approaches Boosie Badazz Over His Homophobic Hateful Comments On Lil Nas X

Man aggressively approached Boosie Badazz over his homophobic hateful comments on Lil Nas X and seemed to want all the smoke with the rapper!

In what appears to be ‘caught unawares’! Boosie was walking the streets in company of his son and were having a time of their lives when they approached a group of people standing outside and a man quickly and aggressively approached the rapper barraging him with sleuths of breakdown of his Lil Nas X situation!

Boosie appears to listen carefully to what the man was saying before trying to interject with his own view of things but it only got the man more aggressive!

Boosie’s son the pulls the rapper by hand and quickly gets him away from the situation!

The man did not follow the rapper but continued to throw words at the rapper as his son walked him away.

Boosie Lil Nas X situation has been playing out in the public gallery with the rapper expressly making it known his distate for Nas X’s choice of coming out as gay and packaging his music around the community.

The rapper has continued to hold strongly that Nas X is being used to shape the lives of little kids who watch his music hence negatively influencing the larger community and it’s believes.

It got so bad Boosie at one point wished Lil Nas X death telling him to go kill himself nobody will miss him!

He has since however taken back some of his words after his fans caught Nas X’s music playing on his tv while he was live on Instagram.

Boosie noted he didn’t hate Nas X to a point where if he had his music he ran out.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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