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Man Caught By Speed Camera Snorting Substance Behind The Wheel

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A man has been charged after being caught on a cell phone detection camera allegedly snorting a mystery substance while driving.

The driver, 21, of a Hyundai i30 sedan and his female passenger were caught on a detection camera on the M4 motorway in Western Sydney at 11.55pm on August 14.

Police released the image taken by the cell phone detection camera.

Strike Force Puma and the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command launched an inquiry into the incident, leading investigators to issue a court notice to a 21-year-old man.

The man has been charged with driving without proper control of vehicle, using a mobile phone when not permitted and negligent driving.

NSW Police Acting superintendent Bill Darnell told 2GB investigators did not know what the substance was.

‘However, those three traffic offences we are confident we can establish,’ he said. ‘Combined there are 11 points and over $1200 worth of fines just in those traffic offences alone. ‘I’ve been doing this for a few years now and to be frank I’ve not seen what the photo depicted before in my service.’

Police will allege in court that the man was sniffing a substance off his mobile phone while driving and did not have his hands on the steering wheel while the vehicle was in motion.

Acting Supt Darnell said police plan to use the image in court as evidence.

‘What concerns me is that these people take such extraordinary risks doing this kind of thing and it’s not just their lives that are in peril, but it’s those innocent people around them,’ he said. ‘The risk around them is significantly escalated because of this dope’s behavior.’

The man will appear in Blacktown Local Court on October 14.

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