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You won’t believe the things you hear on the internet streets and sometimes they may seem farfetched but become the center that holds the truth!

Cardi B is on Onlyfans trying her hand on the get rich quick scheme where you just assemble your body to a few thirsty men and you may end up making millions if they like what they see!

Now while going live on the app and am not sure for what as I have not watched the video, Cardi B got a very generous tip from a guy who basically wanted for her to just notice him!

But it would seem that Cardi B didn’t even notice the money drop and may have continued with her live without giving a shoutout to the guy who then decided to follow her on her dm to ask a very simple question!

“was $800 not enough for her to notice him?”

When Cardi B finally saw the rather not so normal tip, she tweeted about it while recognizing the guy and just noted; “hi baby!”

Let us know on the comments down below what you make of this madness and if you would ever tip a person that much for their recognition!

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He spend what …. 👀🤣

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