January 27, 2022

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Meek Mill Already Experiencing ‘Expensive Pain’ After Fans Call Him Out Over The Art On His Album Promotion Tour Bus

As far as Meek Mill and his team were concerned, this was not the type of controversy they were expecting to deal with this week.

Meek recently released his latest album, Expensive Pain, which has been the topic of much discussion among his followers.

While critics disagree on which project was better, others have criticized Meek for the album’s artwork, with the Philadelphia rapper claiming that this record was better than Championships in 2018.

While the album cover for Expensive Pain didn’t draw much attention when it was released, it’s set off a firestorm this week with its depiction of what appear to be naked Black women, including some who are bent over with their legs open.

To help promote the album, the images have been plastered all over public transportation, but this hasn’t gone over well with everyone.

People have taken to social media to express their displeasure, which has sparked debate about how Black women are portrayed in Hip Hop culture.

When it comes to the artwork, some have criticized Meek for using the work of Nina Chanel Abney, an up-and-coming Black artist. But others have called out those they believe are “fake woke.”

Despite the fact that the back and forth has continued all day, Meek Mill has yet to weigh in on the situation.

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