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Meek Mill Demands Through His Lawyer To Be Removed From 6ix9ine’s ZAZA


Meek Mill has through his lawyers demanded to be removed from 6ix9ine’s ZAZA video!

You will recall Meek Mill got trolled by 6ix9ine by featuring their altercation clip on his song which has since garnered more than 20 million views!

According to 6ix9ine, Meek Mill says he feels bullied and wants the whole Tekashi 69 trolling to stop!

Meek Mill who has not spoken on the alleged letter appears to have had enough of 6ix9ine shenanigans!

But as if to offer a window to how he sees things, 6ix9ine feels that he is only responding to his antagonists!

He says if people want him to stop bullying him, they should stop talking, writing and mentioning about him!

The rapper also in addition talked about people labelling him disrespectful because he keeps mentioning the dead rappers!

He explained that other rappers do it all the time and it is only when he does it that it becomes an issue!

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