Meek Mill Says He Would Have Risked It All To Ride For Nipsey Hussle If He Saw Those Bikes Escorting Him

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Rapper Meek Mill is watching with a good feeling the respect that the late Nipsey Hussle’s gang gang accorded him by coming out in numbers to ride with him one last time!

Nipsey Hussle gang had a very vibrant biker club that they used to ride together in many occasions and would pull up in the hood on them bikes and just have fun!

When he was gunned down, and the plans thereof were clear of what was going to happen especially with the procession, we are told the gang asked to be accorded the chance to ride with Nipsey one last time and ride they did!

We are told this information was kept under wraps and guarded so that you know because L.A. is a city of bikes more people don’t just show up with bikes from nowhere!

And so on the material day today, when Nipsey Hussle took his last victory lap around L.A., his gang came out and rode with him in style pomp and colour pulling all kinds of tricks and showing the world another side of Nipsey Hussle.

Among those watching was Meek Mill who says if he would have known or those bikes were to pull up where he was, he probably would have risked it all to ride one last time with Nipsey Hussle.

Meek says risk it all because he has previously been indicted over bike riding and has all kinds of restrictions on that front but he says if he got a chance he would have risked it for Nip.

I personally think that would have been a good risk and given he would have been riding for a course, probably L.A. would have let him!

Check out his statement below and let us know what you think on the comments down below. The juice is a dripper.

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