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She’s already shared her version of events, but Megan Thee Stallion’s friend, Kelsey Nicole, is being called out.

We previously reported on the news that Megan and her best friend Kelsey were no longer following each other, and some believe it has to do with the July shooting incident involving Tory Lanez.

Kelsey has already admitted that she was present during the altercation, and now that Tory has shared his side of the story on his album Daystar where he denies shooting Megan, another of the Houston rapper’s friends has publicly condemned Kelsey for keeping quiet.

“Since you linking with the opps, you disqualified b*tch,” a woman named Jaeliey wrote on one IG Story slide. Later, she penned a lengthy, angry message to Kelsey where she slams her for remaining silent. “How can you come in my room that day at the LA house and say (verbatim) TORY SHOT MEGAN..you forget you came back around 4pm after you dropped off telling me the details bout how he f*cking pulled out a gun during a petty argument and he got mad and shot her.”

After spewing a few insults about Tory Lanez, Jae asked Kelsey;

“But now you being quiet? You coward ass mouse b*tch..really lied to ME of all people about being injured bc Tory was beating yo ass?!? what happened to that? Why you ain’t say sh*t??????? But Meg supposed to be your best friend..that’s not how best friends work and you know you wrong God gone handle you accordingly.”

She also stated that Kelsey mentioned that she would need to be paid in order not to speak and added that Kelsey posted a photo with some new jewelry, insinuating that she may have received money.

“Remember how Tory called you and i told you to decline it and we both listened to a voicemail of his ass crying saying how sorry he was for shooting her and how he was too drunk? That amnesia a fool huh.”

Kelsey caught wind of Jae’s remarks and issued a response over on her page. Get home girl to 10k Goodnight y’all,” she wrote on her IG Story.

“When I’m ready to speak my truth, I will. Until then … keep throwing rocks. I’m noting everything.”

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