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Megan Thee Stallion’s Lingerie Thirst Trap Catches Slim Thug’s Attention Again

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Slim Thug has been eyeing Megan for a while now and that he knows she is single since she broke up with Tory, he has turned his attention even further on Thee Stallion and specifically every time she posts bikini pics!

This isn’t the first time the rapper has attempted to shoot his shot at his fellow Houston native, and we’re not expecting it to be his last.

Slim Thug has often commented heart eye emojis or sly comment on Megan’s bikini, twerking, or lingerie pictures, and her latest pose in a Savage x Fenty two-piece has grabbed his attention.

As a Savage x Fenty ambassador, Meg often receives her haul of Rihanna’s goodies and tries them on for her millions of followers.

Many of her celebrity friends commented on her latest photo including Slim Thug who not only delivered his heart eye emojis but also wrote, “Come yo fine ass home.”

People jumped on the rapper for being thirsty, but this is something that he’s recently addressed.

Earlier this month, Slim took to his Instagram page to deliver a PSA to people who think he crosses boundaries in his comments.

“Oftentimes, I get accused of being thirsty on Instagram. Why am I getting accused of being thirsty? Because I tend to like pictures that I like,” said Slim Thug. “I comment when I feel like I need to. People tend to think I’m thirsty for this. I’ll say I’m the realest dude on Instagram and all y’all fake.”

He added that he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

“If the b*tch fine, I’m liking the picture. If I think she fine, I’m gon’ put heart eyes under.”

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