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Meme Of A Guy Slapping Donald Trump Is Trending Online And It’s Hilarious

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A Meme of a guy slapping Donald Trump is trending online and it’s hilarious.

The unnamed guy who seems to have had the time of his life recreating this meme took the video of Donald Trump that at one time while campaigning had a scare in the crowd of one of his events leading to secret service whisking him away.

But before he was whisked away, Donald appeared to have been really scared in the midst of people shouting around that there was a guy in the crowd with a gun.

Now it is that part of Donald get scared that this guy took and re-edited while sitting in a lounge chair and placed himself on top of Trump!

He then waits and slaps trump while that scene of being scared enters looking as if it is the slap that causes Trump’s scare!

This video has brought such a discussion online; with many finding the fun part while others finding it as the craziest attack on Trump.

Whatever you make of it, it’s a great piece of content for entertainment. Check the video out below and let us know what you make of it on the comments down below.

NB: We do not support violence against any person or persons.

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