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Memo 600 Disses Yaya Mayweather Asks Her ‘Don’t She Have Herpes Too’


Yaya Mayweather has been on a roll enjoying being a mom and she has made sure the whole world is aware of it!

Yesterday though she found herself in hot soup after she took her baby on a yacht ride complete with loud music and drinking!

But beyond that, Yaya featured strongly on the Yacht letting lose, dancing and just being herself on a 100!

But the internet pointed out how the playlist only featured her baby daddy NBA Youngboy! That not withstanding she was trending and a topic of discussion for a while!

But as many as we’re not feeling her vibes, rapper Memo 600 took the cake! He came for Yaya guns blazing!

The rapper taking to his IG took an issue with Yaya’s effort to do the most asking her if she didn’t have Herpes too!!!!!!

It’s been a running joke for a while now in the industry that NBA Youngboy her baby daddy allegedly is a carrier and spreads the sickness at will among his partners and so Yaya must have it too!

These are unverified allegations that cannot be proven not unless NBA Youngboy or any of his girlfriends confirm it’s true and so don’t take them seriously but Memo 600 was a savage posing such a question!

Checkout the post below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.


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