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Michael Jordan Is An Outright Billionaire Worth $1.5 Billion | Find Out How Much Denzel Washington Is Worth In 2020 Inside

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Money and basketball go well together, and former NBA professional Scottie Pippen knows all about it. With a net worth of $20 million, the former Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers small forward is enjoying the luxuries of being a six-time NBA champion with seven NBA All-Star appearances. A Naismith Memorial Hall-of-Famer and a former member of America’s iconic “Dream Team,” Pippen played side-to-side with legends such as Michael Jordan and was still capable of impressing the fans. Ever since his retirement in 2008, he has been busy living the high life and making occasional cameos in movies and TV shows.


When Shaquille O’Neal first started out in his career, he became known as a monster in the court. At 7’1, Shaq was considered to be one of the tallest and heaviest players there was in the NBA. With his domineering physique, Shaq managed to become one of the world’s best centers in the game. Because of that, Shaq has made huge amounts of money as a former player and as a commentator. After his basketball career came to an end, Shaq became an actor and appeared in numerous TV shows and films. He recently appeared in the 2018 film Uncle Drew as Big Fella.


Michael Jordan’s financial planning must be a maze. Basketball’s absolute god has made a fortune by being the game’s top player ever, but he got most of his cash from his huge endorsement deals. He later invested in some pretty huge homes and expensive vehicles, and the result is as you see it: a staggering $1.5-billion fortune! Few athletes have matched his wealth and we’re guessing that it’s going to be a long time before a basketball player becomes as rich as he is. He takes credit for being among the richest African-Americans in the world.


LeBron James earned his spot as one of the best basketball players in the world, and his net worth can back up that fact. He now has a total of $440 million, and it is still increasing since he has no plans of retiring yet. Most of his fortune comes from his sponsorship and endorsement deals. Aside from basketball, LeBron has also done bits of movie and TV work. He made his debut in the 2015 film Trainwreck and became a host of Saturday Night Live and the ESPY Awards. His son, Lebron James Jr., also decided to follow his footsteps in the basketball world.


One could argue that Phil Jackson wasn’t the best NBA player ever. But facts do not lie: in the world of competitive American basketball, nobody has won as many championships as him. With a combined 13 victories, both as a player and as a coach, Jackson is an NBA legend and one of the most influential men to have ever graced the game. With overwhelming success comes overwhelming wealth, and Jackson isn’t by any means a poor man. With a net worth of $70 million, he’s been enjoying life ever since he retired from basketball in 2011, after over six decades of activity as a player and coach.


Dwight Howard’s career started out early after he decided to forgo college and enter the NBA in 2004. He then became the first overall pick for the Orlando Magic and proved himself as one of the best in the league. He once led Orlando to the NBA finals, but he was eventually traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2012 after 8 years with the Magic. As of now, Dwight is still playing in the NBA for the Washington Wizards. He signed a 2-year contract worth $10 million, which adds to his current $140 million fortune.


Basketball player Anthony Davis has amassed substantial wealth over the years. He has a fortune estimated at $30 million and an annual salary worth $20 million. He was first drafted in 2012 as part of the New Orleans Hornets and was eventually chosen for the NBA All-Rookie 1st team. Following that season, he became an All-Star for the first time and since then has participated in five All-star games. Finally, in 2017, he was hailed as the NBA All-Star Game MVP soon after he set the All-Star record of 52 points. He is currently playing for the New Orleans Pelicans of the NBA.


Clint Eastwood is a highly respected name in the Hollywood scene who has been around since the 1960s. Some of his most memorable performances were in the Dirty Harry movies and the Man with No Name Trilogy. Eastwood is also a filmmaker who owns his very own production company called Malpaso Productions. Eastwood’s current net worth is estimated to be around $375 million. Some of you might assume that Eastwood would be retired already since he is 88 years old but it seems like he still wants to continue working. In December 2018, Eastwood’s film, The Mule, had its initial release.


As a member of the iconic rock band The Beatles, we aren’t surprised that McCartney has a whopping net worth of $1.2 billion! We think he is very deserving of his success as he certainly is talented. McCartney isn’t slowing down, having released a new album titled Egypt Station in 2018. In 2015, McCartney invested in a grand Manhattan Triplex, setting him back by $15.5 million. The wonderful space offers views of Central Park and the skyline. McCartney was rather fond of his blue C5 Corvette convertible which he had bought in 2005, and he could often be seen whizzing around in it in California.


Jack Nicholson has been an actor for more than six decades now. Nicholson is best remembered for the award-winning performances he had in movies like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, As Good as It Gets, and Terms of Endearment. Nicholson is a highly-paid actor and when he played the Joker back in 1989’s Batman, he reportedly got a $60-million paycheck. Nicholson has not acted since 2010 and while he was supposed to make a comeback through an English version of Toni Erdmann, he decided to drop out of the movie in August 2018.


Doubting Denzel Washington’s acting prowess would be pure madness. The first-ever African-American to receive two Oscar Awards, Washington has bewitched people with his performances since the ’80s, in movies like Glory and Training Day. In 2002, he decided to try his luck at directing as well, and he has worked on three films since then. While it’s been a while since we saw him on screen, he probably figures that his $220-million fortune is more than enough to take care of his insurance premiums for the rest of his life.


Serena Williams started dominating the WTA in 2002, where she became the No. 1 in singles in eight separate occasions. Serena was strong in holding the top spot for 186 consecutive weeks as she tied with Steffi Graf. Her talent allowed her to gain a massive net worth of $180 million throughout the span of her career. Since then, Serena has been known for helping numerous charities with her wealth and even became a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. Serena participated in the 2018 US Open but did not find success in her run.


Wesley is Snipes is an American actor, producer, and martial artist. He’s been practicing martial arts since childhood and was discovered at age 23 when he was performing in a martial arts competition. Since then he’s been acting in all sorts of action movies like White Men Can’t Jump, 7 Seconds, U.S Marshalls, and Brooklyn Finest. But the role that gave him more notoriety was the portrayal of Marvel Comic’s character Blade in the Blade trilogy. He’s gained a lot of money with his acting career and his production company. His estimated net worth is of $10 Million.


OK, we already know that Taylor Swift is a huge pop icon, but how did she end up with $400 million while not even in her thirties? It seems that this young allure has more than just a gorgeous voice, and that has to be a very good investing strategy. From super-expensive homes to pricey automobiles and two (!) jets, Swift has splashed a lot of bucks on celebrities’ favorite toys. And why wouldn’t she? We doubt we would do otherwise if we were in her shoes! Swift released a new song called The Archer in July 2019.


When we hear the name Tim McGraw, we usually think about his outstanding career as a country singer. However, aside from his singing, Tim has also ventured into acting and appeared in several TV shows and films including The Blind Side, Repeat After Me, Friday Night Lights, and Country Song. At the same time, Tim made quite an exceptional name for himself in the music industry and has produced several award-winning records for everyone. His salary is exceptionally high considering the fact that he produced albums such as All I Want, Southern Voice, and his most recent album The Rest of Our Life featuring his wife, Faith Hill.


There’s no doubt that Johnny Depp can portray practically any character in a movie, and his acting versatility has been his most distinct acting element. From Edward Scissorhands and Pirates of the Caribbean to Transcendence and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it’s now pretty known that Depp fits in every film’s cast he’s placed in. As we know, special talents are paid well in Hollywood, and Mr. Depp has sent a $200-million sum straight to his loaded bank account, a number which only seems to increase, as he always lands new roles.


A few years back, nobody would expect a star like Jennifer Lawrence to be born, but after she made her debut acting appearance, Hollywood’s youngest star has now financial advisors running up and down. The Hunger Games trilogy was the best thing that ever happened to her, but since then, she has grabbed many lucrative roles, with her latest blockbuster named Red Sparrow, where she portrays a Russian rogue agent, becoming super popular around the world. Lawrence will be starring in a new movie called Bad Blood. You can definitely expect her fortune to grow even more in the coming years.


Pop music has its own Princess, and it’s no other than Britney Spears. Remember when Britney almost faced bankruptcy and some major mental issues? Who else could have been in that position only to bounce back at a $215-million fortune? Maybe she has some special powers…She had disappeared from the spotlight for quite a while, but in 2018, she started touring again, and reportedly, she’s about to release new materials after some endorsement deals she has made. Spears is taking a break from her career in 2019 to cope with her father’s ill health.


Everyone passes out when Beyoncé appears on stage, and the pop diva’s voluptuous shape and unique voice have granted her a huge fan base all over the world. Destiny’s Child became popular but not as famous as how Beyoncé has become after she embarked on a solo career. Her marriage to hip-hop colossus Jay-Z made her even wealthier, and she’s now engaged in more business ventures, not limiting her talent just in music. Now having millions in her credit card spending limit, Beyoncé sits on a $500-million fortune. In 2019, Beyoncé had a voice role in the Lion King film.


Justin Bieber may have a lot of haters, but he has millions of fans as well, and they sure have helped him build his cool $265 million net worth. Since his first appearance as a teenage idol, the ‘pop brat,’ as many call him, has evolved into a full-grown adult star, and although a lot of people still don’t like him, his fortune is enough to shut all detractors’ mouths. With so many millions in his pocket, he must be doing something well, and judging by the results, that’s playing music!


You might be unaware of the fact that Mark Wahlberg started his showbiz career as a Calvin Klein model, but since his transition to the acting industry, the renowned action star is now pure A-list material. With a cool $255 million in his savings account, it’s pretty obvious why many people consider him to be among the top action-film stars out there. He’s not afraid to join the cast of different movies as well though, having appeared in the popular comedy, Ted. Wahlberg is producing and will be starring in a new movie called The Six Billion Dollar Man.


Behold the hero of kicking butts and putting villains in their places, Bruce Willis. The Hollywood star’s petty earnings when he was young transformed into a $180-million fortune when he joined showbiz, as, before that, he worked in numerous odd jobs. Thanks to his starring role in the Die Hard franchise, Willis is now pretty rich, and if you don’t believe us, just check out his houses. He happens to own a lot anyway. Willis is currently set to star in two new films called The Long Night and Motherless Brooklyn.


Rising to stardom as a teenage actress, Jessica Alba quickly found her spot in Hollywood, thanks to her acting traits and drop-dead gorgeous looks. After starring in hit films like Fantastic 4, the beautiful actress took a break from acting and became her own financial consultant, engaging in different business ventures, such as creating her own franchise which supplies people with environment-friendly products. Her company blossomed, and she now has an impressive $200 million to her name. In 2019, Alba made a TV comeback and started starring in L.A.’s Finest.


Though younger generations recognize Blake Shelton from The Voice, where he serves as a judge, he has been a huge country music artist for many years now. His financial advisory firm probably suggested him to appear on TV, and guess what, it totally worked! Now, the musician and TV personality has an impressive $60-million fortune, and while he’s not the guy who splashes his bucks here and there, he’s capitalizing on his wealth to live a lavish life. Shelton has also done voice acting as well in recent years and he was actually part of the UglyDolls cast.


It hasn’t been that long since we last saw Heidi Klum rock the catwalks, but this fashion diva has now stopped appearing on runways, even if she had made a ton of bucks from her modeling career. She later started her own clothing line, where she designed special outfits for the German supermarket franchise, Lidl. She has also appeared in many TV shows like America’s Got Talent, and her split from singer Seal proved to be far from a non-affordable divorce, as the German allure now boasts a $90-million fortune.


Harvey Weinstein had the ability to live an opulent life forever, however, it seems that things haven’t been going so well for the Miramax and The Weinstein company mastermind. Though he helped produce numerous blockbuster films, he would likely trade his $300 million to live a life away from trouble, as in the last couple of years, many women from showbiz have accused him of indecent assaults. Unfortunately, the only thing he would be spending his cash on in the next years is on a lawyer! We doubt he will ever get back to being a respected name in Hollywood again.


Celine Dion has been pursuing a singing career since the 1980s. Dion is best known for songs like My Heart Will Go On, It’s All Coming Back to Me Now, and The Power of Love. Dion might already be in her 50s but she does not have any plans of retiring just yet. In 2018, Dion went on the Celine Dion Live 2018 concert tour. Dion also has a concert residency called Celine and this alone earned her around $350 million in her bank account. As of today, Dion’s fortune is reported to be at a jaw-dropping $800 million!


Harrison Ford is another actor who has been a household name in the industry for decades. Ford is popularly known for starring in the Indiana Jones and Star Wars movie franchises. His films have grossed more than $4 billion in the box office. At 76 years old, he gets to go shopping for anything under the sun because his fortune is estimated to be at $230 million. In 2019, Ford will be starring in a new film called Call of the Wild. Ford also has a new Indiana Jones sequel coming out in 2021.


When we first saw Miley Cyrus as a teenage star on Hannah Montana, we never thought she would make it so big, at least in the music industry. It seems though that Papa Rey gave her a few useful tips, and a trust fund to kick of her music career, and here we are today. Cyrus is now a pop icon, and after selling dozens of records all across the globe, she’s now made it even bigger than her father, sitting on an impressive $160-million fortune. In 2019, Cyrus starred in an episode of the latest season of Black Mirror.


Coming from a family which was almost bankrupt to having $300 million seems like a wild dream, but Katy Perry managed to make it a reality. After an unsuccessful debut album, Perry’s second record called One of the Boys rocked the Billboard, and hits like I Kissed a Girl started playing on all radio stations. Fast forward some years and Perry is now a global star, whose music inspires numerous teenagers to follow in her footsteps. Perry is set to become Mrs. Bloom soon because she finally got engaged to her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom.


Minnie Driver might now be a household name in the acting industry, but things were not always like that. Born in London, the English actress had to land many minor roles before making her big break, and after years of trying, she landed a supporting role on Good Will Hunting, which earned her an Academy Award nomination. Her $20-million fortune might be small compared to the wealth of other stars on this list, but her investment banker father might just be advising her a thing or two on how to increase it.


There’s no better feeling than seeing your efforts get rewarded with millions of cash, and Tommy Hilfiger knows that feeling better than anyone. After financing a business of his own, called People\s Place, back in the ’70s, the fashion tycoon created a clothing empire, and his name is now synonymous to ‘quality’ and ‘success.’ These days, the only thing he’s got to worry about is his Ferrari’s tank being full, so he can drive to the closest luxury destination – a pretty simple deal with him and his $400-million fortune.


Making money must be some kind of a special Kardashian/Jenner talent that no other person has; each of this family’s members knows how to become filthy-rich actually. There have been claims that Kylie Jenner is worth around $800 million, but most accurate calculations suggest that she currently has a $300-million fortune. However, seeing how swiftly this young lady’s beauty products company becomes more and more popular, it’s pretty possible for her to have such bucks in the next couple of years. In 2019, Jenner expanded her brand and released her very own skincare line which she named Kylie Skin.


There’s no doubt that every couple is jealous of how stunning John Krasinski and Emily Blunt look together, and we’re happy that the acting industry includes such beautiful duos. Though the films and TV shows that they’ve appeared in belong to totally different genres, they have both managed to earn a fair amount of cash. Now, their mutual funds allow them to live their love in total luxury, and their joint fortune is estimated to be $46 million. Blunt is set to star in a new A Quiet Place sequel which her husband his directing.


We bet you can’t find someone more successful than Jared Leto both in the acting and the music industry nowadays. His band 30 Seconds To Mars has been a worldwide rock music sensation, and at a time when everybody believed that this hunk was just good at playing the guitar and singing, he ventured into acting with unbelievable results. He starred in famous films like A Requiem For A Dream and Dallas Buyers Club, which also earned him an Academy Award. With a wise investing strategy, his $90-million fortune would likely double in no time.


We can’t help but admire Selena Gomez and everything she has achieved so far. Coming from a family whose bank account was almost empty, she started acting at a young age and quickly found her spot in Disney Channel’s productions, gradually becoming one of its most familiar faces. As she grew up, she decided to take her shot at music, and she was successful at that as well. Gomez ended up being a pop diva, and her $60-million fortune is the reward of her hard work. Gomez has a voice role in the upcoming The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle film.


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