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Mike Tyson Calls Boosie A Homosexual Tells Him He Like Homosexuals To His Face Over His Comments About Dwayne Wade’s Son

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You do not want to be on the wrong side of Mike Tyson because when he applies pressure you damn feel it!

The legendary champion hosted Boosie Badazz on his podcast and proceeded to apply pressure on him to explain to him why he reacted the way he did about Dwayne Wade’s son!

Boosie had a difficult time explaining himself and at some point you could see the tensions rising especially after Mike just went gangster on the rapper!

Mike Tyson told Boosie he was a homosexual and liked homosexuals that is why he was commenting on them!

Boosie however stood his ground and defended his point of view even in the end getting Mike to agree with him!

This was one legendary exchange and you can check it out below!

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