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Mulatto On Her Come Up From ‘MuWop’ To Cardi B’s ‘WAP’

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Rappers come out of nowhere, these days. Sometimes, you can’t even trace their origin story, allowing the Internet to create a narrative of its own.

That’s certainly not the case for 21-year old Mulatto, though. She’s already made history as the first female rapper from Atlanta to obtain a Gold plaque certified by the RIAA.

“Bitch From Da Souf” took on a life of its own after Trina and Saweetie hopped on the remix, inaugurating a new Queen into the rap game. Mulatto’s come-up has been well-documented.

Her awkward teen years were chronicled on Lifetime’s The Rap Game where she won the first season. She was 16 at the time.

Fast forward five years later, and Mulatto’s carved out her own path in hip-hop, emerging at a time when we’re witnessing an uprising of female MCs.

“I’m the first solo female rapper from Atlanta to go gold. So it’s like now, I can say I’m the Queen of the South. When I turned down that deal from The Rap Game, so many people were like, ‘You know, you are making a mistake. You not gon’ get this opportunity again. Don’t get too big-headed.’ And this is for those people, period.”

Her household was filled with Southern rap and trap music from the region. Living in Riverdale, Waka was damn-near a neighbor and she credits her father as the reason why she’s such a fan of Gucci Mane.

Things came full circle for Mulatto this past summer when she released the first single off of Queen Of Da Souf, “MuWop.” Interpolating Gucci Mane’s “Freaky,” and getting a verse from GuWop, the coveted co-sign came later than many would expect from Gucci.

He even raps on the verse that he tried to sign Mulatto, but she was signed already.

“The producer that made ‘Muwop’ hit me and he was like, ‘Yeah I sent it to Gucci and he was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll do the verse, but what’s her label situation? I wanna sign her. She signed?’’ So that was not cap when he said he tried to sign Mulatto and she was signed already,” she explained. “Even when I met Gucci, he was just like, ‘Man, how I miss out on you, shawty? Like, I fucked up.’”

Mulatto’s truly living out childhood dreams. One that she’s fantasized about since the age of 10.

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