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Mulatto Says Her And 21 Savage Are Not Intimate But Only Good Friends


Mulatto has been telling the world lately that she’s found the man of her dreams, which has people doing a deep dive into her social media profiles for potential hints revealing the identity of her boyfriend.

Two of the most popular theories are 21 Savage and Key Glock.

The former has been linked to Big Latto following their Queen Of Da Souf collaboration as, during the Atlanta rapper’s birthday vacation to Puerto Rico in December, Savage was spotted in a very similar scenic location.

The Shade Room linked them together, but their evidence wasn’t as strong as usual.

During a recent radio interview with Wild 94.1, Big Latto addressed the rumors tying her to the Savage Mode rapper, shutting down that talk swiftly. “No,” she said when asked if she was dating 21 Savage.

“It’s videos on YouTube of me performing with him at the Palace, I think that was the Palace. Like it be real respect, you know what I’m saying?”

She also spoke on the theories about her new chain possibly being a reference to her rumored romance with 21.

The slot machine numbers on the piece, 7+7+7, add up to 21, which got some fans reaching about whether it was a subliminal message.

However, as Latto explains, and as seen in one of the photos below, she’s had a 777 tattoo on her hand for years and the numbers were previously significant to her.

Unfortunately, the interviewer didn’t ask about Key Glock. Many believe that she would have answered that one in the affirmative.

The two rappers have been low-key flirting online for a few months, so it could make sense that they’ve evolved their sexual tension into a full-blown relationship.

Recently, Mulatto also touched on the topic of her pending name change. During our interview with the rapper in December, she had not come up with a new name yet.

One month later though, she’s decided on the one.

She said that she won’t be releasing any new music until her name change has been made public, but she’s revealing the switch in a “big production”.

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