Mummy Blogger Constance Hall Claims A Female Fan Tried To Snatch Her Loving Husband

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Mummy blogger Constance Hall has claimed a fan attempted to seduce her husband Denim just minutes after meeting them in a bar.

The mum-of-seven recently took to her Facebook page to say she was shocked by the actions of the woman while they were out celebrating her birthday.

‘She loves me and said I had helped her through some really tough times, she was tall and glam as f**k and she welled up telling me what I meant to her, she took photos with me, we had a long cuddle and said goodbye,’ Constance wrote. Later that night I could see Denz from the corner of my eye talking to her, I trust Denz with my life, but my heart lives inside his heart and momentarily suffocates me at the thought of someone else entering this magic world we created, where everything is naked, bare, raw and vulnerable.’

Constance said at first her husband and the woman appeared to be just chatting but then she noticed she was ‘nudging closer and closer to him, playing with her hair and laughing loudly’.

‘I saw him pull back as she tried to whisper in his ear, she put one arm around his back, he looked pissed off. I was worried he would get angry at her. Since we got together he’s been groped more times than I can count when we go out and he hates it.’ 

Moments later, the blogger said the woman put her drink down before attempting to grab Denim’s ‘face or neck or head or something’.

‘He stepped away from her, gave her a s**tful look, grabbed his beer and came looking for me. Denz told me some chick had just gone way too far, basically told him she wanted to f*** his brains out however she could. He said no chance, he’s spoken for, she suggested we have a threesome (which come to think of is kind of sweet to think of me even while trying to steal my husband).’

Constance said aside from having to deal with how the interaction stoked her fears and doubts, she was horrified the woman had first told her how much she admired her.

‘She said she loved me, yet what she was trying to do would kill me, I wouldn’t recover from losing my soulmate. What a f*****g b***h I thought. Things took a turn shortly after Constance popped into the ladies where the woman’s friend approached her to apologise for her behaviour. She told the blogger her friend had not long left her husband because he’d cheated on her and right now ‘she was broken and doing stupid things. Denzy and I were leaving, I detoured and approached her, Denzy wondering what I was about to start. I grabbed her and I pulled her in and I hugged her so tightly she wasn’t going anywhere. I said to her, ‘your loyal soulmate is looking for you too. You won’t find him until you realise how incredibly brave, strong and beautiful you are.’ 

Although the blogger said she couldn’t deny she’d felt jealous and hurt watching the woman flirt with her husband, she felt more compassionate toward her once she understand her situation.

‘Leaving a man you love because he’s a continual c*** is ridiculously brave, the move, the finances, the heartache, the daughter. It’s all so f*****g hard and you are doing it. Because you are a warrior. Queens we need to get over ourselves, we need to stop hurting each other and start healing each other. We need to stop blaming each other for the sh*t we have been put through for generations. Because together we rise.’ 

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