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NBA Youngboy Has Gone Missing Moments After Yaya Mayweather Came Out Revealing She Is Pregnant For Him & He Got Arrested

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It seems NBA Youngboy is under a whole load of pressure and does not want anything to do with the internet at the moment!

The rapstar who we reported was arrested while at a video shoot and that Yaya Mayweather was pregnant for him has gone dark on social media!

His Instagram account, Twitter account were deactivated as soon as news about his arrest and more so those of Yaya being pregnant began to take a hold of the internet!

It is not clear yet why he decided it was wise to go dark on social media given that his pages don’t necessarily have anything to do with the person of him but it would appear he may have gotten wind the police were scavenging his pages looking for incriminating materials he may have posted.

You remember the rapper got into trouble the other day with Instagram and his live was cut shot after he posted himself in a live video holding a gun!

The young rapper’s run-ins with the law date back years and his arrest sheet include charges of attempted murder, assault, and probation violations.

Last year, he was released from prison after serving out a sentence for an incident that occurred in Florida that left one-man dead from gunshot wounds.

Since that time, NBA YoungBoy has received mentorship from fellow Louisiana natives Master P and Romeo Miller, and it seems as if his career continues to climb as his album TOP debuted at No. 1.

A blurry video clip turned up on social media that showed patrol vehicles with their lights flashing.

The person recording claims that YoungBoy was taken into custody while filming a music video because he was allegedly in the possession of firearms.

Yaya who may have not been aware that her baby daddy was dealing with some law troubles, decided to go on Tik Tok with a friend and posted a video confirming the news that she is indeed pregnant for the rapper.

Check out the video below and as we noted before kindly note that this is a developing story, and we will continue to update you as we receive more information regarding the topic.

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