Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Floyd Mayweather daughter went on a particular rant where she was trying to explain how she can’t do without the love of her life at 18 NBA Youngboy but the problem was she was drunk!

NBA Youngboy revealed that he discussed this issue with her but she ended up brushing off and told him he was tripping.

But NBA Youngboy felt strongly that he was fed up because he himself has never been drunk a day in his life according to him which many by the way think is contestable but it is how he felt and was trying to explain to Yaya that he wanted better!

Well when Yaya got back to sober land, she did the good ol’ drunkards trick – DENY, DENY, DENY! She went like she was not drunk, she does not drink and she was totally fine!

Watch the video below for the entire drama as it unfolds. The juice is a dripper!

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