New Jersey rapper Tripple Beanz may have left a clue behind that will solve his murder. Posting on social media is a good thing because in most ways one is documenting their life and leaving a footprint that could be retraced in future of his past!

Now Tripple Beanz was a very reserved man. He posted mostly about his life but of his person only. He would not post other people as much and mostly never his environment!

This would appear was for his own security so he does not give away his location to people he may have considered enemies.

But the biggest question is who killed him! Who gunned down Tripple Beanz?

In the CCTV video going viral on social media, a jeep features there that ferried his killers to his location and from the location after the gunned him down putting bullets in him repeatedly.

The rapper was coming from a shop and approaching his Range Rover sports parked by the road when a jeep that had just pulled up minutes earlier let out two men who proceeded to approach the rapper and gun him down.

The two men then covered in masks ran back to the jeep and took off.

These appear to be people who know him and are not in a hurry as they kill him because it seems it was some type of got ya killing!

But Tripple Beanz earlier on in the year had taken a photo with a jeep in the background that allegedly resembles the jeep caught in the CCTV.

In the photo he is a accompanied by two men! While it is not clear who the two men were in his life and or if they were involved in his murder, the two appear close to him, known to him well and can help identify the killers of Tripple Beanz or at least who owns the alleged jeep in the background of the photo left behind.

As we reported before, in the month of November, the rapper seemed to be taunting his killers to come for him almost everyday of the week.

For weeks he woke up and posted;

“Am still around, am not hard to find, am with all that smoke; I want all the smoke N*ggas ain’t what they say they is and words like that!”

All this means those who killed him were not strangers to him and had threatened to take him out and he was taunting them to do it!

Check out the clue the rapper left behind and let us know what you think in the comments down below.


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