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Neyo And Crystal Announce They Are Expecting Another Baby


Neyo has announced that his family is expanding!

Just last year things looked blick on this couple and at some point even a divorce was announced. Neyo would break out in some kind of dating spree that so him trying to get on with other women before taking an about turn and going back home!

According to the wife, things were looking bad. It was about to get real. But she told a story that was quite interesting noting that even at the time of announcing the divorce, Neyo was still staying at home!

He would announce they are separating and come home and ask her for dinner and she would be like “what the hell?”

Fast forward and 2021 the second month in and they are pregnant and their relationship stronger than ever!

In announcing the news, Neyo who got back seriously with his wife just weeks later after his divorce announcement noted that his family was expanding, and he was overjoyed.

The announcement was accompanied by a video of the couple in their dimly lit bathroom with the wife only in some underpants and Neyo from behind covering her birds in one hand and stroking the growing bump with the other!

Crystal was the one taking the video. Talk about teamwork!

Well we send our congratulatory message to the Neyos and tell them we can’t wait to meet our niece or nephew.

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