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Neyo has been on a roll celebrating his birthday and one of the figures at the center of everything has been his wife Crystal! The new wife!

Now according to what they have been posting online, they were all out to have a good time and give the world a glimpse of what their life has become since they met and got together!

You will recall we reported last year after Neyo separated from his wife and went on his way as she went has way!

He quickly found a new replacement and if what they post is anything to go by, he wanted a free spirit, somebody he can do stuff with and they did not limit him or restrain him!

His former wife is very reserved and did not like the cameras and so Neyo spend best part of his famed life behind the scenes living a quiet life.

But with the new relationship, he is getting lap dances and posting them, getting kisses on camera and he is basically gone wild for lack of a better word!

So it appears his fans like his old self better than the new image he is presenting and when his wife because according to her they already exchanged vows and made it official something many may have not known!

When his wife went down on him and gave him a lap dance, climbed on him and was all over him getting lit and naughty; the internet went off on them trying to trash what they were doing!

Well Crystal went off on them and told them off adding that she should have done more because that’s her husband and she can do whatever with him!

Neyo decided to stay quiet.

Check the video below and let us know on the comments down below what you think. Was it too much or you are okay with them doing whatever? Don’t forget to swipe left to see her message to the world in full.

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