Nicki Minaj Fans Go After Ludacris After He Tries Defending Shawnna From Alleged Attack From The Megatron Rapper

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When it comes to defending their queen, the Barbz don’t play.

On Thursday afternoon (Aug. 16), Nicki Minaj fans bashed Ludacris for supporting his “What’s Your Fantasy” co-star Shawnna’s comments about female rappers in the game during her interview with Chicago’s WGCI radio on Thursday.

In the clip posted to The Shade Room’s Instagram account, Shawnna claims that rappers are scared to mention her name in their disses.

Although she didn’t call out Nicki by name, she does appear to allude to a Joe Budden interview that has garnered plenty of social media attention over the last few days.

In that interview, which took place on The Joe Budden Podcast, Nicki says no female rapper is seeing her. It’s that comment that some people think Shawnna is alluding to.

“I saw an interview from a female artist the other day and since she didn’t say no name, I ain’t gonna say no name,” says Shawnna, who was once signed to Luda’s Disturbing Tha Peace label. “When she’s ready to say names, then we are gonna pick the beat, then we gonna hit the booth, no ghostwriters.”

Shawnna then delivered a cautionary warning to any rapper who wanted to test her lyrical skills.

“Rappers don’t want to give me no light,” Shawnna says. “They don’t mention Shawnna. As soon as they mention Shawnna, spotlight on Shawnna, and you know what happens when they put the spotlight on me, I take off. Then when I take off…that’s less money in [their] pocket.”

Fellow rapper and friend Ludacris jumped in the comments section on The Shade Room’s Instagram account to support Shawnna’s bold statements. “Who want the smoke,” Luda wrote along with a smoke emoji.

This, of course, riled up the Barbz who attacked Ludacris in their replies with a plethora of unicorns, clown emojis and rude comments.

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