Nipsey Hussle Murder Suspect Bail Has Been Set At A Clean $7,000,000

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Eric Holder is now in the custody of LAPD as his bail is set at over $7 million, and officials are going to keep him away from anyone that may want to seek out revenge for the death of Nipsey Hussle.

Holder was transferred into LAPD custody late Tuesday night after being arrested by L.A. County Sheriff’s in Bellflower, CA. The suspected murderer’s bail was originally set at nothing, but once he was booked with LAPD it was raised to $7,040,000.00.

Law enforcement sources tell us, that even though Holder is in jail, he will not be mixed with any other inmates. We’re told that officials are aware, “lots of people don’t like him right now,” and will not put him in a situation that could compromise his ability to make a court appearance.

Holder has a history of violent crimes, including weapons charges and domestic violence. When he was arrested Tuesday after a city-wide manhunt, he was allegedly trying to seek treatment from a mental health facility.

Let us know down below what was your reaction when you heard that figure of $7 Million.

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