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Cardi B could not get enough of Offset and by the time her birthday party was over, she was ready to put her hands on him in all ways in their after party continued celebrations in their hotel!

Cardi B removed her glamorous dress and her make up and dressed down to basically some girly stuff with a funny name that shows errthang!

Offset took a back seat and appeared ready to enjoy a sight he had been denied for weeks after Cardi B filed for divorce and kicked him out or rather just started living in BnBs with pseudo names!

In their reunion colored in dance and good times, the 28-year-old rapper gave her man first seat in reminding him what he had been missing all the while they were living apart!

Offset at one point jumped on the dance floor with Cardi B taking him down on the floor and getting on top of him and raunchy they got on Offset’s face with birthday titties and with no worry about tomorrow!

The scandalous night ended with Offset bedding Cardi B and in the morning sending her a message to let her know he was back and proud of her!

Check out the entire video below of their raunchy dancing for old times sake and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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