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Offset And Cardi B Get Into An Argument Days After Getting Back Together

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Offset and Cardi B went live on the Bodak Yellow rapper’s Instagram and quickly got into a friendly argument over whether Cardi B can smoke in the house.

According to Offset, he felt that it was a violation for Cardi B to smoke in the house and that she should go to the balcony!

But according to Cardi B, it’s her house and she felt like she should be able to smoke wherever she wants based on that point alone!

Well Offset may have had a valid point because I mean they stay in this house with the kids, at least spare the kids growing lungs from having to deal with smoke at this age you know!

Also it’s not about what each wants but about what’s best for the family! At least Cardi B should be able to respect the fact that not everyone she stays with smokes and so excuse herself to go indulge herself away from the family safe environment!

But we want to hear from you. What you think after watching the video below and getting their point of views.

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