January 27, 2022

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Perth Beaches Shut Down After Fragments Of Glass Found In Sand

Fragments of recycled glass have been found in around 3000 tons of sand that were supplied to two waterways in Perth.

Quinns Beach and Yanchep Lagoon are popular swimming, fishing, and walking spots for the locals, but it was deserted today.

It was discovered on Monday that the sand provided to protect shorelines from erosion contained glass fragments that had been picked up inadvertently at a quarry.

When the sand was dug up, the basis of the site was found to be made of recycled glass, according to Wanneroo City Mayor Tracey Roberts.

“I am confident that WA Limestone will make every effort to guarantee that this never happens again,” says John.

Because of this, the city has ordered the closure of all rivers and shorelines and is attempting to replace the contaminated sand as soon as possible.

Locals in the area have expressed their disbelief and cautioned visitors that the areas are popular with children.

“We are going to make sure it’s nice and safe before coming down here again,” Craig Degaetani said. “It’s kind of shocking to be honest,” he added.

If my kids know why it’s closed, they’ll be shocked. “Oh god no,” Kelly Bailey exclaimed when she heard the news.
Businesses in the area say they’ve seen less customers as a result of the deserted shoreline.

There will be no access to Quinns Beach or Yanchep for the remainder of the week due to the ongoing cleanup efforts.

Ratepayers will not be liable for the mistake. The city of Wanneroo has recruited a contractor who will be responsible for paying the debt.

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