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Three police officers showed up at a young mother’s house to interrogate her about a Facebook post telling Melburnians to go for their daily walk.

Megan Kira, 27, called on everyone to go for their hour of exercise allowed under Stage Four lockdown at 5pm every day in their local park.

The mother-of-four’s post on Facebook and Instagram positioned the walk as a protest against coronavirus restrictions amid demonstrations in Dadnenong.

‘Dandenong took the first step. Now it’s time we all follow in their footsteps,’ her post began, followed by eight issues to protest about.

Just hours later, three officers showed up at her door in Clyde North – near to Dandenong – asking what her intentions were.

Refusing to come to the door and instead talking through a window, Ms Kira asked how the officers tracked her down as she was ‘not in the system’.

‘I have no driver’s license, no passport… so how did you find me?’ she said.

The officers explained that since she had previous contact with police, her details were registered in their database.

‘We’re here about a Facebook post you put up earlier today about asking people to meet up at the park across the road,’ the lead officer said.

Ms Kira replied: ‘I said go to your local park, which is actually allowed, and to go for an hour, which is allowed. I didn’t say to meet people, I said go for a walk.’

Police explained they were monitoring social media due to the Dandenong protests, and asked what her intentions were.

Ms. Kira claimed she was only going for a walk with her young son, not a group, and just wanted to let people know they can go for a walk.

‘If your intention was to go for a walk, no problem,’ the policeman replied.

‘But if it can be shown that your intention was to promote to have a group of people attend a park in contravention of the lockdown orders, you can actually be charged with an offence called incitement.’

Police have vowed to quash protests against the Stage Four lockdown, which still has at least 11 days to go, and have arrested several organizers.

Melburnians can only exercise for one hour a day with one other person up to 5km from their home, and anyone encouraging people to break these rules can be charged with incitement.

Ms. Kira later went for her 5pm walk, while wearing a mask, as police cars patrolled the area looking for anyone breaching lockdown.

‘You can’t even put up a post encouraging people to go for a walk to the playground without cops showing up at your door,’ she said as she walked.

A day later, her friend Rosana Felise was arrested as the pair went for a walk around the neighborhood with Ms. Kira in a Guy Fawkes mask.

Ms. Felise was not wearing a mask so police approached and asked for her details. When she refused and claimed she didn’t need to, she was arrested.

Ms. Kira’s social media is littered with anti-lockdown and coronavirus conspiracy theory posts, including calling the virus a ‘pandemic’ and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews ‘Hitler’.

Mr. Andrews is due to finally release a plan on Sunday to get Victoria out of lockdown, after three consecutive days of less than 70 new cases.

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