December 7, 2021

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Police Reportedly Shut Down Yo Gotti’s Prive Restaurant After The Murder Of Young Dolph

Following Young Dolph’s death, Memphis police are taking no chances.

Dolph’s longtime rival, Yo Gotti, owns Prive, an upscale restaurant that has been temporarily shut down by local authorities, according to reports.

At around the same time as the shooting that took place outside of Makeda’s Butter Cookies on Airways Boulevard, Yasser A. Kishk of Fox 13 tweeted his confirmation of the bakery’s closure.

Precautionary measures have been taken by the police, but they have not confirmed whether there were any threats against Gotti or his business.

Many people have claimed that after Dolph was killed, someone started shooting at Prive; however, police have since denied those claims.

Dolph and Gotti’s long-running feud has been well documented. According to XXL, Dolph’s problems began in 2014, when he allegedly turned down Gotti’s record deal offer.

This led to an exchange of barbs on social media, records and interviews between the two parties.

Gotti’s associates were even arrested in connection with the 2017 shooting of Dolph in Hollywood, but they were eventually released due to a lack of evidence.

The Memphis Police Department has not yet identified Dolph’s suspected killer. The department had planned to hold a press conference on Wednesday night, but cancelled it just before it was scheduled to begin.

Stay tuned for further developments in the case.


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