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Princess Love Out Here Looking To Get On Onlyfans After Divorcing Ray J

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Princess love took to her Instagram page to ask her fans if they would be her for her getting on Onlyfans!

We are certainly convinced many celebrities are breaking up their marriages because that is not where it is at anymore and jumping on Onlyfans because then they are gonna make all the money they sought to make by starting a family!

Selfish and greedy individuals roam the streets of Hollywood and it’s clear now that everything they do including starting families is for money and when it’s not profitable any more they walk out!

From Cardi B, to Princess Love, Erica Mena among others have all walked out of their marriages only to announce their entrance to Onlyfans.

But Erica Mena’s case was a little bit different because her and her hubby Safaree started Onlyfans pages before rumors of trouble in their paradise started floating around!

Now although they haven’t confirmed these reports, it is said these two are going through difficulties much of which started since Onlyfans business!

Cardi B gave a flimsy reason for breaking her marriage noting that she didn’t want to be cheated on again and that is why she decided to end it all!

She would later announce that she was on Onlyfans where fans who know her background have gathered in numbers waiting for her to bring it because she can now that she is not tied down to marriage!

Princess Love and Ray J separated with Ray J said to be keen on getting to work things out with Love who on the other hand noted that she had no interest in getting back with the business mogul whom she shares a baby girl with!

Bella Thorne made all these celebrities lose their heads after she made $2 million in 24 hours and although Onlyfans have since changed how donations are made almost ensuring that will never happen again, it is still a fertile ground to till because many have found success on it as long you have the courage to bare it all for all!

Whether it’s true or not, we will continue giving you the tea as we receive it and as we see it.

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