January 24, 2022

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Protesters Confront Brian Laundrie’s Parents After Autopsy Confirms Cause Of Death

On Tuesday, Dr Brent Blue, the county coroner for Teton County in Wyoming, announced the death of social media star Gabby Petito.

Her body was discovered on September 19th, according to Dr Blue. For legal reasons, the coroner could only reveal the manner and cause of death, according to the official statement.

Other information about the autopsy is still classified and unavailable to the public.

Meanwhile, a private investigator believes Ms. Petito died of asphyxiation. He came to this conclusion after watching a video taken by Utah police officers of Ms. Petito and her fiancé Brian Laundrie in a confrontation with officers.

After Gabby Petito’s autopsy revealed that she died of strangulation, protesters became enraged and confronted Brian Laundrie’s parents on camera.

Around 8.30 pm local time, two people knocked on the front door of the Laundries’ Florida home and yelled insults at them. The whole thing was documented on video.

“With your little b***h a** son, you guys like to strangle people. The two can be heard screaming. It’s time to wake up and face the consequences.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll be back. Better speak up soon.” they advised.

The father of Brian Laundrie, 23, Christopher Laundrie, came to the door for a brief moment before the police arrived after they had left.

After searching a Florida nature preserve, police are still looking for Mr. Laundrie but have come up empty-handed. According to police, the man’s survival is only a 50/50 shot.

Mr. Laundrie has not been found in the 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve, according to North Port Police spokesperson Josh Taylor, who told CNN that the search will continue until police receive more information.

Dog the Bounty Hunter, a reality TV star who got involved in the search, announced he was withdrawing from it due to an ankle injury.

Since Petito’s family reported her missing on September 11th, the Laundrie family has encountered similar protests.

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