Sun. Jun 16th, 2019

Quality Control Music CEO Pierre Thomas Gives His Dawg Coming Home From Jail $50,000

Not many people have friends who can give them real good amounts of money to start over in life after going through a dark time! In fact as a matter of fact it could be none of do if your friends list does not include Quality Control CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas!

A man coming home from jail is a happy man because Pee is one of his friends and may have changed his life instantly.

Pierre Thomas is the man behind the success of some of the biggest name in the entertainment scene right now and just gave his dawg coming from the shoe $50,000 to start over!

The Cardi B’s manager was not done yet as he also gave the man new iPhone the latest edition and he could not hide his joy!

Pee asks the man why he was getting all this and he jokingly says it’s from the success of his album before the two enjoy the moment!

Check out the exchange below and is Pierre the hottest manager in the game right now or what? Discuss below.

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