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Quando Rondo Forced To Defend Himself Over & Over After Fans Claim He Canceled His Show Yesterday Running Scared

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Rapper Quando Rondo has had a real chance to step out in public since that unfortunate night of the murder of King Von with many claiming that the rapper has since been hiding and is scared of retribution over the murder!

But Quando who has since canceled 2 shows thinks and claims otherwise! He purports that he is ready to step and wants more than anything to get out there once again and meet with his fans who he says now hold him in high regard in terms of living the street life!

Now the rapper had booked show yesterday that ended up canceled by authorities over fears of violence that could endanger innocent people and the fans are having none of it especially those of King Von!

They believe that the rapper is running scared and can’t take any stage so soon after the murder of Von or even ever because retribution is becoming!

But the rapper has since been trying to defend himself and over and over he has released all kinds of information regarding what happened yesterday.

First of he released a photo of his entire entourage out and ready to enter the venue of the event before revealing that the show had been stopped just moments it’s kick off!

“The mayor and police squad of macon ga canceled the show tonight 🤦🏾‍♂️ shit got me highly pissed off !! I couldn’t Wait To Rocc Out Literally 🩸⚰️……”

But since the fans won’t buy his side of story, he had to quickly get online with the promoter of the event to try and clear himself from having anything to do with cancelling the show!

Check out the video below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.


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