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Quavo Took Bobby Shmurda Straight From The Private Jet To Ice Box


Quavo knows how to celebrate his own who do not switch when put under pressure!

Quavo had taken to his IG and shared a message for Bobby welcoming him home writing;

“Did Six And Didn’t Switch Welcome Home!”

The rapper it was announced two days ago that he will be the one leading the pack in going to receive Bobby Shmurda and bring him home once he was released from prison.

Bobby Shmurda release had been bumped up some 8 months earlier than expected but that did not put a stop to any plans that were being set out to ensure the king came home safely.

Quavo organized a private jet for Bobby Shmurda to fly home in and once he landed, he took him straight to Ice Box where he got a chance to spend some real money in getting updated chain game!

Bobby who went away when the world used to be normal, returned in a mask and a changed world with some type of restrictions following the pandemic!

It would be interesting to hear his take to what he sees around him but for now Bobby is back home with his family and is said to be celebrating his freedom over his mama’s homemade dinner.

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