Mon. Jun 17th, 2019

Rapper Black Jezuss Reportedly Shot And Doctor Says His Brain Is Dead

Rapper Black Jezuss and Trippie Redd affiliate is said to have reportedly been shot a couple of times yesterday while running errands.

According to reports we are getting, the rapper was rushed to hospital where the doctors placed him in intensive care unit or life support machines if you like and is said not to be looking very good.

The rapper who was on a come up and had just collaborated with Trippie Redd is said to be brain dead according to doctors.

Black Jezuss came to some notable fame last year after he projected himself as the man who jumped 6ix9ine and took his chains posing on social media with his bounty hunt after the rapper was hospitalised and said he almost lost his life.

He was later projected as a clout chaser and seeking attention once the truth came out that 6ix9ine’s chains had been taken by his own crew who he had fallen out with.

Black Jezuss continues to be in hospital and we will keep you posted as more information flows in.


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