Rapper Blueface Kicked His Mother And Sister Out To Live With His New Two Girlfriends

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Rapper Blueface is a man under siege after it has come out that he kicked out his mother and sister to live with his new two girlfriends.

The rap star declared that he was dating 2 girlfriends at ago and they were okay with it and he was living with them in his new mansion.

Now before he brought them in, he was living with his mother and sister in the mansion and they were happy until he fell in love and in love with two ladies.

He introduced the new girlfriends in a PSA to the world declaring that they were not thots but his new girlfriends who he was in a committed relationship with.

Now just as the internet was coming into terms with the fact that he is dating 2 girls at the same time, videos came out that appear to show that he may have violently thrown out his mother and sister in order to make room for his new catches.

The mother appears to make a point that she had called the police on him as he was kicking his sister down the stairs. We will keep you posted on what happens with this story as it is surely developing.

Check out the videos below and let us know what you think on the comments below. The juice is a dripper.

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