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Rapper Mo3 Caught In A Love Triangle That Led To His Shooting And Death


Rapper Mo3 was gunned down and met his timely death in the hands of a man who said to have been pissed off at him for taking over his baby mama!

Without naming names am gonna give you the background story!

According to sources, the rapper had gone to visit a woman whom he spend the night with before he got shot the next day.

According to the sources the other rapper put out a hit on him because the woman Mo3 was with was his friend’s baby mama!

Warrant Of Arrest Has Been Issued For Yella Beezy’s Cousin Marcel Bernet Dallas As He Is The Suspect In Mo3 Execution Style Killing

So the rapper’s people camped outside the baby mama’s house and followed Mo3 and when he noticed he was being followed, he pulled over.

He came out of his car and tried to access his gun but before he could, his would be assailants took him out.

Personally, I feel like this was not enough a reason to take another man’s life, but the things rappers are killing each other I guess this is the bare minimum!

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