Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Rapper Mo3 Reacts To His Photo Going Viral Showing Him Beat And Dusty

Rapper Mo3 is a shocked people are trolling his old pic and not trying to learn something from his past compared to his present.

The rapper reacted to a picture of him going viral online that showed him sleeping on a bus, beat and dusty and looking like he was really tired of carrying a dream that was never going to work!

But Mo3 says if anything instead of trolling him, people should get motivated from that pic because he was down, almost out; he says he could not even afford a simple haircut.

“The First pic Hit the internet to get Laughs and jokes Dats kool fam But I want you to look at me sleep on that bus no haircut no money Dusty and cold I want this shit to motivate you and push you to do whatever u wana do in life Kuz I did I wasn’t Lyin Bout My Struggle Now tell em im worth a million $”

See the pic below and let us know on the comments down below what you think.

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