Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

A Georgia teen and his mother are upset after Offset smacked the teen’s phone from his hand when he attempted to take a video of the rapper while shopping in Target.

The incident apparently happened sometime earlier in the week and was initially posted to YouTube by the victim, 18-year-old Junior Gibbons, on April 23.

The video shows the Migos member walking in Target with another man who is carrying a large box. When Offset passes, Gibbons gets closer and says, “What’s up Offset?” The rapper then reaches back and gives the teen’s phone a hefty smack, sending it crashing to the floor.

The rapper reportedly told the teen, “[Get that] fucking phone outta my face,” before exiting the building.

The teen’s mother, Maribel, has since hopped on social media to bring the incident to light. “This is how @OffsetYRN reacted when my son saw him at target,” she captioned video of the incident on Twitter. “When he wanted to take a video of the rapper he smashed his phone out of his hand.”

According to WSB Atlanta reporter Mike Petchenik, the teen’s mother has filed a police report. They only want the “Clout” rhymer to replace the phone, which suffered a cracked screen. A similar incident happened with Earl Sweatshirt back in March.

MM has reached out to Offset’s team for a comment on the matter.

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