Rapper OG Maco Says He Only Has Two Friends Left As He Continues To Fight His Chronic Disease

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Rapper Og Maco says he now only has two friends remaining and all those he considered his close associates vanished after he started getting sick.

The rapper who says he is battling a chronic disease, has come out to antagonise his old crew that he used to roll with over what he calls their fakeness and pretense that they were his ride or dies only for them to walk out on him when he most needed them.

The rapper says he continues to fight to get back on his feet.

Og Maco broke the news on the internet that he had these wounds that had broken out on his face and head and that he had sought treatment and was getting better. He claimed that he had been sold some cream for a rush that failed and left him with the outbreak.

The rap star who did well in yesteryears, is now languishing in poor health and anger that his girlfriend left him and was not there for him when it most counted.

We are talking to the alleged girlfriend for that tea and we will be dropping it hear soon. In the meantime watch the video below for the rest of the details plus visuals for this story.

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