Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Rapper Snoop Dogg Says He Hang Out With The Champ Mike Tyson Explaining Who The Late Nipsey Hussle Was

Snoop Dogg post a pic hanging out with the Champ and explained how their meet up came about and it is amazing.

He says the Champ Mike Tyson had seen the love, the drip and the vibe that the late Nipsey Hussle was garnering around the globe and because he did not know him, he called Snoop over so they could hang and he could explain to him who Nipsey was.

You see the Ogs still don’t trust the internet and most of them won’t trust word coming out of any platform unless it follows the old way of another OG or a voice they trust stamping that word and now they sold out!

So best believe that Mike Tyson has now joined the movement. He told Snoop that he would have loved to meet Nipsey and Snoop told him that in heaven we will see him! How sweet Snoop!

Anyway check the pic below and the snippet of Snoop’s message and let us know what you think on the comments down below because the juice on this one as always dripped heavy.

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