Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Rapper The Game Coming For Kodak Black Over Disrespecting Nipsey Hussle

Rapper the Game ain’t here for Kodak Black funny jokes.

The rap star went after Kodak Black over what he said was unacceptable disrespect for Nipsey who died on these streets trying to do what is right.

The Game told off Kodak Black over his comments on Lauren London and told him this was real not a joke and he shouldn’t be trying to poke jokes on it.

Though Kodak Black hasn’t responded to the Game yet, Wack 100 who is the Game’s manager was quick to call for cooler heads noting that it was not right to be preaching peace and have a quick appetite for violence.

Wack was of the opinion that Kodak Black needed to have a chat with the right people and be put on the right track before everybody overreacted.

Wack 100 added that Kodak was just a little boy and would soon understand the consequences of his actions when he became of age.

Check out the video of the game reprimanding Kodak Black and the peep the message from his manger Wack 100.

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