Rapper YSL Duke Caught On CCTV Running For His Dear Life After An Altercation Turned Into A Shooting

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One of the stuck myths of the rap culture is you never run when you are faced with a situation on the streets and many would be rap super stars have lost their lives for standing their ground even when faced with situations that led to their lost lives!

And this has been the case for decades that you stand and fight and you never run. Well fast forward to 2019 and rappers are running when bullets fly.

Of recent past, rappers have been caught on tape being beaten, being shot at and mostly none are fighting back or waiting for those bullets to fly. Is this the turning point of that obviously decades old fallacy?

Atlanta artist YSL DUKE was caught on CCTV running for his life outside Magic City after an altercation turned into bullets flying which he did not wait for! He literally got away with his life before the shooter turned and run the other way.

According to our sources, reports say the shooter has been arrested.

Witnesses we have spoken to say the altercation was not called for or something Duke instigated but the persons that shot at him may have done so out of jealousy.

Basically the argument is Duke may have been hanging around people who do not like the strides he has made towards the success of his career and so they turned against him seeing an opportunity to eliminate him!

It is not clear why the club’s security allowed people to get into the club with guns on them or how the security of the rapper did not manage his public appearance well but it almost got Duke put down.

Watch the clip below and let us know what you think on the comments down below. The juice is a dripper…

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