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Reality TV star Jessica Alves ‘Human Ken Doll’ Shows Off Her New Figure Since Coming Out As A Transgender

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Step off, Ms. Rabbit — there’s a new Jessica in town with cartoon curves to va va voom over.

Reality TV star Jessica Alves — formerly known as Rodrigo Alves or the “human Ken doll” due to myriad body modifications she underwent in her previous life — is showing off her stunning new figure after coming out as transgender in 2019.

The 37-year-old blonde bombshell underwent a series of feminization surgeries over the past year and only has a “few more steps left” to finalize her latest extreme makeover, which involves hormone therapy and monthly psychological assessments.

The “Celebrity Big Brother” star told Caters News she’s now at peace after finally embracing her full femininity.

“As a man I had a great life, I achieved and did lots of very fun cool things — but I was never truly happy, because I kept having surgeries to modify myself, when what I actually really wanted was to transition,” she said. “When I look at myself in the mirror I feel really happy, I see the woman that was inside me all along.”

To mark the first anniversary of beginning her transgender journey, she has released a brand new photoshoot showcasing her bodacious bod in a series of revealing gowns and bodysuits. She even flaunts her own pair of angel wings in one saucy shot.

“I think I have been doing a very good job in this past one year. I transitioned very quickly, very fast, my body is responding very well to the hormone treatment, and it was meant to be,” she said. “If people don’t know that I am Jessica Alves, previously Rodrigo Alves, they assume that I am a biological woman, which is great.”

Jessica reportedly spent more than $650,000 to achieve her original Ken Doll-like look — including having four ribs removed, a “cat-eye” lift and so many schnozz surgeries that it began sinking and disintegrating — and has now spent even more to achieve a D-cup bust and juiced up hips and lips.

She has since deleted all previous posts from her Instagram, which now exclusively features shots of Alves as Barbie, not Ken.

Jessica said she now attracts the eyes of many men when she hits the town, though she hasn’t been able to date as much as she would like due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

“I have been on dating apps, and able to chat with men, which I think it is very important as a transgender woman to have this interaction with males, because that makes you feel more female.”

But thus far, it’s still not all days of wine and roses for this larger-than-life lass.

“When I go out I get a lot of attention from men — they normally realize that I am a transgender after a few minutes because of my voice, then their attitude changes towards me,” she said. “When they realize that I am a transgender woman they can get a put off a little bit, which is very frustrating.”

Alas, despite getting “a lot of attention from men and a lot of compliments, and I am always very honest that I am a transgender,” she said. “A lot of men like that I am a transgender woman because it is a fetish for them.”

Still, Jessica said she is determined to find true romance.

“I believe that having a stable relationship will be very difficult as a transgender woman because many men see you as kind of a sex doll and that’s not what I am looking for.”

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