October 19, 2021

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Rebel Wilson Says Weight Loss Journey Was Triggered By Doctor’s Fertility Comment

Rebel Wilson has stated that a doctor encouraged her to lose weight after telling her that it would boost her chances of conception and egg quality.

During a recent Instagram Live, the 41-year-old Pitch Perfect actress revealed further details about her desire to shed more than 30 kilograms by 2020, including a meeting she had with her doctor.

“When I was going through and researching reproductive issues, the doctor said, ‘Well, you’d have a much greater chance if you were healthier,'” she explained.

“I was truly offended,” she continued. “I assumed that, despite my size, I was in good health. So there was the beginning — the idea that if I shed some weight, I’d have a better chance of freezing eggs and getting better quality eggs.”

“It wasn’t even for me at first; it was for a future mini-me and their quality. That’s what got things started.”

Wilson revealed her tragic struggle with fertility in an open Instagram post in May, explaining she had recently received “awful news.”

She captioned her image, “I got some horrible news today and didn’t have someone to share it with.”

“But I suppose I’ll have to inform someone. I sympathize with all the women who are having trouble conceiving. The cosmos works in mysterious ways, and it doesn’t always make sense…but I’m hoping for some light to break through all the dark clouds.”

The comedian also discussed her problem with emotional eating and being diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome during her ‘year of wellness’ in 2020. (PCOS). Wilson stated she had had PCOS since she was a child in an interview with E! News.

She told the newspaper, “I’ve been overweight for about 20 years. When I was approximately 20 years old, I began to gain weight. I had PCOS, which caused me to gain weight quickly. It’s essentially a hormonal imbalance that causes you to acquire a lot of weight, which is what happened to me.”

“I’m unhappy at times, but I’ve also learned to use my physique to my advantage. I enjoy wearing a variety of sizes. It’s only recently that I’ve turned 40, and I’m becoming more health-conscious and considering raising a family.”

She also expressed regret for not reducing weight sooner.

“Now that I know I can do it,” she told InStyle, “I sometimes feel sad that I didn’t do it sooner.”

“Perhaps I should have tried when I was 30 rather than 40. However, each person’s journey is unique, and it is not a race or a competition.”

“Because I’ve always struggled with weight issues, I have a natural empathy for anyone who does as well. Anyone can enhance their life by going for walks, drinking more water, and doing small, regular things. It’s never too late to start, regardless of your age.”

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