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Reginae Carter And YFN Lucci Maybe Back Together After Same Chef Prepared Their Dinner Last Night

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Reginae Carter has been living her best single life as of late, preaching self-love and claiming in several interviews that she would never date another rapper. So why does she seemingly keep going back to YFN Lucci?

People are accusing Reginae of not practicing what she preaches, especially after last night, when both she and her ex-boyfriend YFN Lucci shouted out the same personal chef for cooking a nice-looking meal.

Chef Dee 305 got some great promotion last night after both Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci tagged her in their Instagram Stories, but people aren’t speaking about the meal that she cooked.

Rather, everyone is wondering why Lucc and Nae were together.

The couple broke up last year after Reginae caught the rapper doing unspeakable things with a cucumber and a few women at one of Trouble’s crazy parties, which prompted her to vow never to date a rapper again.

However, it looks as though she’s doing just that because… why else would she be seemingly sharing a meal with her ex-boyfriend?

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